Feb 28 2018

Turkish state television’s banned song list revealed

Turkey’s state broadcaster has banned a total of 208 songs – 142 in Turkish and 66 in Kurdish – from the air after their lyrics were found objectionable, independent news portal T24 said.

Famous pop stars such as Sıla, Demet Akalın, Bengü and Koray Avcı were among those on the TRT list, the news site said.

Two TV programmes, 30 TV advertisements and eight radio ads were also not broadcast on the grounds of falling foul of the network’s rules.

The era after the 1980 coup, when many songs by famous artists were banned from TRT, should have ended by now, opposition Republican People’s Party parliamentarian Atilla Sertel said in a statement.

“While those who go to the palace and are close to the palace have their songs and works broadcast one after the other on state channels, while enemies of Atatürk appear regularly on TRT screens, and while no ban is placed on TV series and programmes that insult Atatürk, the banning of many artists and the songs they sing by TRT, which stays on its feet thanks to the people’s money, reflects the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government perfectly,” he said.