Afrin is not going to be an easy fight - expert journalist

Wladimir van Wilgenburg is a political analyst specializing in issues concerning Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey with a particular focus on Kurdish politics. Wilgenburg answered Ahval's editor Ilhan Tanir's questions over Afrin operation launched by Turkish forces late Friday night. 

Wilgenburg answered questions over how the Afrin operation appear in the international media. According to Wilgenburg, the most crucial actor for Afrin operation to happen was Russia. 

Wilgenburg and Tanir also discussed Manbij, a city under the Syrian Kurdish control but includes American military personnel. Turkish President Erdogan has been saying that the city will be the next target following Afrin operation. 

Another question Wilgenburg entertained is whether it is Syrian Kurds or Turkey can be qualified as US' indispensable ally.