Turkey seeks membership of expanded BRICS group - Erdoğan’s adviser

The BRICS bloc should become the world’s most important economic and political platform by first accepting Turkey and Mexico and then other countries in Latin America as members, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s economic advisor Cemil Ertem said on Wednesday. 

According to Ertem, over the last 200 years, the world has been experiencing the economic crises originating from developed countries, which has left the countries in the East in poverty, while increasing the welfare of those in the West. However, this situation has started to change since the collapse of the Eastern bloc, he explained, as the new multi-polar world has also brought forward new policy alternatives for developing countries.

“The new politics, which breaks the routine of traditional, industrial revolution patented, Western originated rightist and leftist politics, has begun to blossom in Eastern countries when the West is on the eve of a new and the most severe crisis since the industrial revolution,” Ertem said. 

The new crisis is pushing the countries in the West once again into the arms of national socialism, Ertem added, noting that the resistance of Turkish-German football player Mesut Özil as a proud immigrant was a symptom of this fact. 

Özil, born in Germany to a family of Turkish origin, was accused of helping Erdoğan achieve a PR win ahead of Turkey’s June 24 elections, in which around 1.2 million people in Germany with Turkish backgrounds were eligible to vote. He announced on Sunday that he should wait the German national team as a result of heavy criticism in Germany due to his photo with President Erdoğan, which according to Özil was used by the German press for right-wing propaganda.

According to Ertem, the end of the balance between Pacific countries and the United States, which has become apparent by the new trade wars, indicates the beginning of a new crisis, while in Eurasia, Russia managed to sell the world a new economic approach that is not as exciting as the Pacific and less market oriented. 

“At that point, Turkey has shown that it will complete this picture with Erdoğan and will put its mark on Euroasia as a founding country that is distinctive and characteristically different than Russia,” Ertem said.

Ertem noted that President Erdoğan as the term chairman of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation went to the South African capital Johannesburg on July 25 to attend the tenth summit of the BRICS bloc, which groups Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The BRICS members as well as other similar developing countries at the moment need an authentic economic approach in Ertem’s view. “It will be important for BRICS to become an important economic and political platform first within G-20 and then in the world by adding new members starting from Turkey and Mexico and later including other Latin American countries,” he added. 

Ertem stated that President Erdoğan would suggest a new political and economic order during the BRICS summit which includes the establishment of a new monetary system outside the existing one based on the U.S. dollar. If those countries agreed to move in the direction proposed by Turkey, they would pass to a new economic development path, he added. 

“For example, the idea of pooling the foreign exchange reserves of BRICS countries and establishing a common Development Bank, will be an economic initiative equivalent of Archimedes's lever that moved the world,” Ertem said.