Turkish media censors find ice cream advertisements immoral

Turkey’s state broadcast monitoring agency has turned its attention to television ice cream advertisements, saying some of them contain immoral content, Turkish daily Hürriyet reported.

Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) official Murat Ellialtı said work on new regulations for advertising of ice cream and soft drinks was ongoing with input from advertising associations.

“There could be some problematic content in these commercials and, especially in ice cream advertisements, problems that cross the boundaries of common morals,” he said.

“It won’t make much of an impact if we fine (advertisers) after they’re shown. We are going to speak to them before they shoot the adverts,” Ellialtı said, without giving details of which specific advertisements might be problematic.

The announcement sparked backlash on social media from Turks who believed the council viewed the advertisements as sexually suggestive.

“The council, which does not or cannot intervene on the producers of TV serials and films containing violence against women and children … is intervening on ice cream commercials,” one Twitter user said.

“Women in adverts, please don’t breathe. The RTÜK could find that this is provocative to men and immoral, too!” said another.

Six of the nine-member RTÜK were selected by the parties in the ruling coalition, and the remaining three came from opposition parties.

The ruling Justice and Development Party has backed censorship of acts it deems immoral including smoking and drinking alcohol.