Interior Ministry closes businesses, bans outdoor activities in coastal areas

Turkey has closed more than 211,000 businesses, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said on Friday, in an announcement on precautionary coronavirus measures.

The ministry has closed 211,670 businesses so far, Soylu was quoted by news website Mynet. “According to our findings, life has stopped by 80 percent in Turkey.”

Soylu also announced new measures to go into effect on Saturday. Activities at beach and picnic sites in Turkey’s coastal regions will be prohibited, such as running, walking, fishing, picnicking at parks and using recreation areas.

All bus travel without permission will be restricted, Soylu said, adding that the gendarmerie will be deployed at bus stations to enforce the measure.

The ministry has evacuated 5,800 refugees from the westernmost Edirne province’s Pazarkule border crossing, where thousands of migrants have gathered attempting to enter the European Union via Greece.