Turkey could even see a third COVID-19 wave, science committee member warns

A member of the Health Ministry’s coronavirus advisory Science Committee has warned that a third wave of high COVID-19 infections is possible in Turkey, especially if people begin to disregard social distancing measures, BirGün said.

Hasan Tezer, a specialist in paediatric infectious diseases at Gazi University, said that while Turkey’s rate of infections had stabilised and begun to drop over the past two weeks, he was concerned about a rise in crowds in the streets and violations of social distancing measures. 

"Maybe as the figures are getting better, it creates the perception that it is over. It is not over,” BirGün quoted Tezer as saying. “If we do not maintain the rules while everything is going this well, the second wave will be inevitable, even a third wave can be seen."

Tezer said it was vital to continue to stay at home as much as possible and to respect social distancing in order to protect the gains that had been made in the battle against the coronavirus. He said that tighter rules and restrictions might need to be imposed again, and that easing restrictions does not mean a return to normality. 

“We still have to wear masks, and pay attention to social distancing. We still have to disinfect or wash our hands,” he said.

Tezer said the way the disease is transmitted is still not fully understood – including in swimming pools and the sea, which could become more of an issue as summer approaches. 

He said that, as the number of infections decrease, more screening tests will be necessary to determine the level of possible immunity in society.