Turkish Health Ministry daily coronavirus numbers remain at fixed rate

The Turkish government’s daily official figures between deaths after contracting coronavirus and the total number of cases have increased at a constant fixed rate for at least 10 days.

Since April 5, the rate between the two data points shared by the Turkish Health Ministry has been fixed at 0.021, or 2.1 percent:

April 5: Total Cases: 27069 - Total Deaths: 574

April 6: Total Cases: 30217 - Total Deaths: 649

April 7: Total Cases: 34109 - Total Deaths: 725

April 8: Total Cases: 38226 - Total Deaths: 812

April 9: Total Cases: 42282 - Total Deaths: 908

April 10: Total Cases: 47029 - Total Deaths: 1006

April 11: Total Cases: 52167- Total Deaths: 1101

April 12: Total Cases: 56956 - Total Deaths: 1198

April 13: Total Cases: 61049 - Total Deaths: 1296

April 14: Total Cases: 65111 - Total Deaths: 1403

There is no other country where this ratio has remained constant for so many days, wrote an account on Ekşi Sözlük, a popular dictionary-format discussion forum. The account gives Germany as an example, where the rate has been the closest to Turkey’s yet still shifts on a daily basis.

Emrah Altındiş, a Turkish biology professor from Harvard University's Medical Faculty, shared a series of charts that revealed statistics from heavy-hit countries, including Turkey. Unlike Turkey, the other four countries mentioned had varying daily ratios.

“It makes more sense to watch how long this will last than make hasty observations,” Altındiş said.

Many others have begun to question the accuracy of other official COVID-19 figures provided by the Turkey.

Data from the government’s e-state portal found that the weekly number of deaths of people over 64 years of age in Istanbul, the COVID-19 epicentre of Turkey, which has been more or less constant for the last five years, was at least 234 higher in mid-March than in the same month in previous years, wrote Ahval contributor Emre Deliveli, citing University of Miami professor Cengiz Zopluoğlu. In the same period, the official corona death toll in all of Turkey was 92.

“Underreporting is not specific to Turkey. Even in countries with a good track record of collecting statistics and that stick to WHO classification procedures, such as Britain and the United States, figures for COVID-19 deaths do not represent the actual death toll, according to some observers,” Deliveli said.