Turkish nasal spray kills coronavirus in one minute - report

Researchers in Turkey’s Uludağ and Çukurova universities have developed a nasal spray that can kill the deadly coronavirus in one minute, Daily Sabah reported on Monday.

The spray, which its developers have called Genoxyn, is currently being tested for biocompatibility, whether it is harmful for human consumption, researchers told Daily Sabah.

Development of the spray had begun before the coronavirus pandemic hit globally, Dr Ahmet Ümit Sabancı, one of the researchers, told the newspaper.

“After the pandemic began, we thought about whether we could develop this solution to contribute to (the fight against) COVID-19,” Sabancı said. “So we refined a new oral and nasal spray and sent it to biocompatibility tests.”

Studies showed that Genoxyn “both killed and cured the virus on mouth and nose tissue,” Sabancı continued.

According to Dr. Şehime Gülsün Temel, the solution doesn’t harm epithelial cells in mucous membranes.

“We have even shown that it has a healing effect on these cells,” she said.

The main advancement has been the stabilisation of the active compound used in the solution, Dr Cüneyt Özakın said.

The ingredient “known for years; however, there were problems in its use for human health,” Özakın added. “It did not have a permanent effect, and its structure was deteriorating rapidly.”

As of Monday, Turkey has lost 25,210 people to COVID-19, while the country recorded 6,313 new cases and patients on the same day.

Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca had announced on Sunday that the country was set to receive shipment of 6.5 million doses of the CoronaVac vaccine, developed in China.

On Monday, Koca said vaccination efforts for Turkish citizens older than 80 had started as per the recommendation of the coronavirus scientific advisory board.

Ministry data shows that 1.4 million Turks have been vaccinated to date, starting with healthcare workers and workers and residents of elderly and disabled care homes.

According to the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), 357 healthcare workers have lost their lives after contracting the coronavirus to date in the country.