Erdoğan extends ban on Turkish companies firing workers

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced a two-month extension of a ban on companies firing workers as his government sought to minimise the impact on employment and the economy of a second wave of COVID-19.

The decision was published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday.

Turkey introduced the measure after the coronavirus struck in March and is also providing financial support to workers who are put on short working weeks or who end up on unpaid leave. The measures have helped curb an increase in official unemployment, which stood at 12.7 percent in the three months to October.

While the unemployment rate in Turkey has remained relatively stable over the past year, the labour force participation rate has dropped to 56.2 percent from 59.1 percent a year ago. Less than half of the working-age population are now employed. Little more than 30 percent of women have a job.