Turkey home appliance makers call for tax breaks as sales fall

Turkey should reintroduce tax cuts on items such as fridges and washing machines after sales declined, the country’s main industry association said.

Domestic sales dropped by 3 percent in December from the same month a year earlier, said Can Dinçer, head of the White Goods Manufacturers’ Association of Turkey (TÜRKBESD), according to Dunya newspaper. Exports also fell 11 percent, while production increased 6 percent, he said.

The government temporarily abolished special consumption taxes on white goods in November 2018 after a currency crisis swept through the economy. It reintroduced them last summer.

“The state will not lose revenue by abolishing the special consumption tax,” Dinçer said. “It will collect more sales taxes and corporation tax.”

Sales of home appliances, including exports, fell by 2 percent in the whole of last year to 28.5 million units, Dinçer said. The industry employs 60,000 people directly and a further 600,000 work in related companies, he said.