Turkish capacity utilisation rate rises to highest since October

The capacity utilisation rate for Turkish manufacturers rose in April from the previous month to the highest level since October.

The rate climbed to 75 percent this month from 74.3 percent in March, the central bank said in a monthly survey published on Wednesday.

The highest rate of capacity utilisation in six main industrial groups was for intermediate goods, with a 74.7 percent reading, while durable consumer goods manufacturing was the lowest with 71.4 percent.

Turkey entered an economic recession in the second half of last year. The government says the worst of the downturn, which has led to widespread bankruptcies and loan defaults, is now over.

Manufacturers of tobacco products registered the highest capacity utilisation with a figure of 85.1 percent among 20 sectors surveyed by the central bank. The lowest was for producers of leather and related products with a rate of 60.5 percent.