Turkey to reopen schools by end of August

Primary and secondary education in Turkey will resume on Aug. 31, with the school year seeing several adjustments due to the coronavirus pandemic, Turkey’s National Education Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Students will have a four-day break in November, and the winter term will end on Jan. 22, 2021. The spring term will start on Feb. 8 and end on June 18, with a short break in April.

To compensate for the early closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, the second half of previous grades will be incorporated into the next grades’ curriculum.

Turkey’s primary and secondary schools were shut down on March 16, five days after the country’s first case was confirmed. Students started remote education on March 23 via online classes and classes broadcast on state television.

School is currently out for the summer, but complementary classes continue on the remote education system.

The ministry said it has been running an extensive study on the effects of remote education with participation from 25,567 teachers and 41,430 students.

Turkey still has 19,992 confirmed active COVID-19 cases, with 1,172 new cases diagnosed on Friday, according to official figures from the Health Ministry.