Feb 02 2019

BuzzFeed's baklava recipe leaves bad taste in Turks’ mouths

A video on how to make baklava featured on BuzzFeed has drawn the ire of Turkish lovers of the pastry and nut dessert, with famous food critic Vedat Milor chiming in to blast what has been called the destruction of a national treasure.

“If Sarah is not from our geography and calls this a classic baklava, than I call on liberals in the United States to protest ‘cultural appropriation.’ If she is from [around] here and calls this classic baklava, then the situation is even more grave,’’ the seasoned food critic said, addressing the BuzFeed host.

The video, which was presented as classic baklava recipe as prepared in Egypt, featured crushed walnuts rolled in singular pastry sheets, brushed with butter and cut diagonally before being placed in the oven.

The preparation, which differs vastly from that of the classic baklava in Turkey where the sheets are laid out flat and nuts are added through a painstaking process, proved too much for Turks to handle.

‘’Somebody call 911,’’ one Twitter user said. ‘’They are murdering our dish.’’

‘’My hands and feet are shaking. Somebody bring me some water or something,’’ another user said.

’’You must apologise to baklava immediately,’’ one Twitter user wrote.

The origin of baklava has long been a dispute with several ethnic groups claiming the sweet treat.

Greek, Turks and Middle Easterners in particular claim the dessert as their own and prepare it in their unique ways.