Turkish National Football Team relegated to League C of UEFA Nations League

The Turkish National Football Team was relegated to League C of the UEFA Nations League following a 1-0 defeat to Sweden on Saturday, pro-government Habertürk news reported.

Turkey’s loss at home in the central province of Konya has placed the red and white team in third place in League B, Group 2, with three points, while Sweden has clinched hopes for moving up into League A.

The Turkish team’s opponents in the group are Russia and Sweden, the former leading the group with 7 points, followed by Sweden with 4 points thus far.

Both Russia and Sweden have played three matches in thee group while Turkey has played the complete four.

Sweden is set to face Russia in the next match on Tuesday.

The UEFA Nations League is a new system that replaces friendlies with competitive matches were countries face off against equally ranked teams.

There are four leagues in the 55 associations comprising the league. While the group winners in Leagues B, C, and D are promoted, teams that finish at the bottom of their groups in Leagues A, B, and C are relegated.