Turkey buys more Azeri gas, reducing reliance on Russia, Iran

Turkey has been importing more Azeri natural gas in the past couple of months in a move to reduce its dependence on Russian and Iranian gas, Arab News said on Tuesday.

Azerbaijan has for the first time overtaken Russia as the largest natural gas supplier to Turkey after Moscow and Ankara clashed politically over Syria and Libya, Arab News reported.

Russia was Turkey’s primary energy supplier and Ankara's reliance on the country has always been an issue of security of supply and the cost of Russian deliveries.

Russia’s share in Turkey’s total natural gas imports has fallen from 33 percent in March 2019 to below 10 percent in the same period this year, according to Arab News.

“Other political factors, notably Turkey’s sometimes strained relations with Russia due to the conflicts in Syria and Libya, as well as its traditional friendship with Azerbaijan, will play a role in determining the shape of future contracts,” said John Roberts, an energy security specialist and a member of the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe Group of Experts on Gas, according to Arab News.