Greece says Evros border fence project to be completed within months

Greece is constructing a border fence at the Evros land border with Turkey in a bid to stop the influx of migrants and the project will be complete in a few months, Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported on Sunday.

The border fence is part of Greece’s efforts to strengthen its resources at its Evros land border, a popular crossing point for migrants, in anticipation of a new migrant surge from Turkey.

In late February, thousands of migrants amassed at Turkey’s northwestern border with Greece after Ankara officially declared its western borders were open to migrants and refugees hoping to head into the European Union. 

While Turkey is no longer engaging in provocative actions, the Greek government remains "absolutely calm," Kathimerini quoted Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chryssochoidis as saying.

Greece has accused Turkey of encouraging and coordinating the attempted crossings and of firing tear gas over the border.

Chryssochoidis noted that Greece has "become a European symbol of border protection" and that the Evros front is guarded by army, police and Frontex forces.

"The border situation will markedly improve" with the planned hiring of 400 more border guards, the minister said.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu earlier this month signalled more tension with Greece after he said that Turkey would maintain its open-door border policy for migrants and refugees to cross over into Europe.