Turkey spreads fake news about mistreatment of refugees, Greece says

Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Wednesday Turkey disperses fake news about Greece's mistreatment of refugees trying to cross the border, Greek Reporter reported.

"The Turkish side creates and disperses fake news targeted against Greece. Today they created yet another such falsehood, with injured migrants and one dead supposedly by Greek fire. I categorically deny it,” Petsas said on Twitter.

Turkey announced last Thursday that it would no longer prevent migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from attempting to cross into the European Union as a response to the deadly airstrike on Feb. 27 in Idlib, which caused the death of at least 36 Turkish soldiers. 

Since the announcement, several thousand people have rushed to Turkey’s westernmost Edirne province and southwestern coastal provinces to reach Greece, despite the EU country’s efforts to close all land and sea borders.

Greek police have fired tear gas at migrants gathering at the border and coastal authorities have been turning back refugees traveling in Greece-bound dinghies, refusing to help those in distress.