Sep 13 2018

Turkey is most obese country of Europe - WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO)'s obesity research, conducted in 51 countries, reveals that 32.1 % of the Turks are obese, the Turkish news outlet Cumhuriyet wrote on Thursday.

The research, based on the height and weight, includes the ranking of the 51 European and Central Asian countries. Turkey ranks 27th in the world rating, followed by Malta and the UK. Turkey has become the most obese country in Europe, the WHO said. 

The organisation stated that obesity is causing type 2 diabetes and heart diseases, in particular, leading to premature deaths. Experts recommend a balanced diet and regular sports to reduce the obesity rate.

World's the most obese country with 50 per cent is the Cook Islands, a self-governing island country in the South Pacific Ocean in free association with New Zealand.