Israel allows Saudi Arabia to run charities in east Jerusalem to counter Turkey

Israel agreed to allow Saudi Arabia to run charities in East Jerusalem in a bid to curb Turkey's influence in the city following a secret meeting between the countries’ leaders, Israel Hayom reported.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman met on Monday, and the two leaders reportedly discussed Saudi Arabia's concerns about Turkey and several Turkish charity organisations that are active on and around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel Hayom said on Tuesday.

Turkey has been investing heavily in the Palestinian Authority, with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) having completed more than 600 projects in Palestine since 2005. Another Turkish initiative called "Our Heritage" aims to preserve Ottoman Heritage in Jerusalem by restoring mosques, homes, fountains, markets and more. It also undertook a variety of social initiatives, distributing food to the needy, and hosting Eid meals at Temple Mount.

Israel will also support the appointment of Saudi representatives to the Muslim Waqf that oversees the Temple Mount, Israel Hayom said.