Turkey condemns Israel over attacks on Gaza

Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday denounced Israel saying that it had killed several civilians during the latest round of clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants.

"Israel has massacred many innocent Palestinian brothers and sisters in the Gaza attacks since yesterday. We strongly condemn these attacks," the foreign ministry said.

Israeli forces have killed a ranking commander from Palestinian Islamic Jihad in an air raid on his home in Gaza city. Following the attack, numerous rockets were launched by Palestinian groups in the besieged Gaza Strip into Israel. In response to the bombardment by Palestinian militants, dozens of air raids were launched on the enclave. 

"The Israeli Government must end its aggressive attitude and occupation that it has turned into state policy," the statement said.

Tensions between Ankara and Tel Aviv escalated earlier this year after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was only the state of the Jewish people, prompting Turkey to accuse the Israeli leader of “blatant racism.”