Turkish police detain journalist on espionage charges

(Edits with information on Ismail Dukel's detention)

The Turkish authorities detained Müyesser Yıldız, a journalist who specialises in military affairs, on espionage charges, according to Odatv, the left-wing nationalist news web site that she works for.

Yıldız faces charges of "political and military espionage" and she has been taken into custody by the anti-terrorism branch of the police in the capital Ankara, Odatv said on Monday.

Yıldız was imprisoned in 2011 for over a year on charges of terrorism, incitement, and obtaining secret documents, in a six-year trial in connection with an alleged plot to overthrow the government known as “Ergenekon.”

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu last month targetted Yıldız on Twitter after she disputed the minister's claim to have eliminated militant group Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) faction in the southeastern province of Kars, accusing her of "teaming up with terrorists".

In her 2018 piece, Yıldız was sentenced to 7080 lira ($1050) for insulting Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar after she cited a secret witness who said Akar a was a member of the Gülen movement, which the government accuses of attempting to carry out a coup in July 2016, in a trial related to the coup attempt. But, she maintained writing on the coup trials and the defence minister's role in them.

Meanwhile,  TELE 1 news channel Ankara Representative İsmail Dükel has been also taken into custody.

"Our friend, TELE 1 Ankara Representative İsmail Dükel, was detained at 7.30 a.m. this morning, the reason for his detention is unknown," TELE 1 Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanardağ said on Twitter.

Pointing to charges brought against OdaTV Editor-in-Chief Barış Pehlivan, senior analyst and former lawmaker Aykan Erdoğan said Yıldız had been arrested for not publishing any articles after discussing with Turkish officials the country's operations in Libya.