Belarus set to extradite Kurdish activist to Turkey

Belarusian authorities have ruled to extradite a Turkish citizen of Kurdish origin to Turkey, where he is accused of “threatening the unity and territorial integrity of the state,” Belsat news website said on Monday. 

Belarus accepted Turkey’s request allowing for the extradition and prosecution of Hicri Mamas on Apr. 23, Belsat said.

"Belarusian-Turkish flights will resume on July 1. Human rights activists believe that Mamas might be delivered to Turkey on that day," it said.

Mamas was a member of the pro-Kurdish opposition Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

Almost one in three members of the HDP have been detained since the ceasefire between Kurdish militants and the Turkish state collapsed in July 2015 and government has intensified a crackdown on the group since the failed coup attempt of July 2016.