New curfews in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast

Turkish authorities on Monday declared military curfews in nearly two dozen villages around the southeastern city of Diyarbakır, a statement released by the district governorate said.

According to the announcement, 23 villages and their hamlets in the Lice, Hazro and Kocaköy districts of Diyarbakır will be ruled under curfew on the grounds of military operations.

"Military operations will be conducted in the region to neutralise members of the terrorist organisation, including high-level executives of the organisation deployed in the highlands and forests," the statement said. "Curfew will be in force until a second order to avoid civilian casualties and for the safety of life and property of the citizens.”

Turkish authorities have intensified military curfews in mostly Kurdish-populated southeastern provinces since August 2015, after a peace process on Turkey's long-lasting Kurdish question failed.

At least 351 curfews have been declared in 11 provinces and 51 districts in Turkey since August 16, 2015, according to data from the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV).

In the last three and half years, the people living in Diyarbakır have faced curfews 204 times, according to TIHV figures.

It is estimated that fundamental rights of people living in the region such as the right to liberty and security, right to privacy, freedom of assembly and association, right to information, right to reserve of property, right to education and right to life, right to health were violated, the report said.

Security operations of the government displaced between 355,000 and half a million people, mostly of Kurdish origin since July 2015, according to a 2017 United Nations report.