Mar 30 2018

'No speaking Kurdish on the job,' construction company says

An İstanbul based construction company is being accused of banning its workers from speaking any language other than Turkish, Diken news site has reported.

A written notice implementing the ban by Yapı & Yapı Construction was posted on the Construction and Structure Workers Union Facebook page on Thursay.

The document notes that all workers on site at the İstanbul Kayaşehir North Location projects are to speak in Turkish, as other languages are ‘’causing a disturbance.’’

The written notice published on the company’s official letterhead and dated Mar. 28, says:

‘’Conversing in languages other than Turkish on the construction site is a disturbance to all employees, including other subcontracted workers.’’

The workers union shared the written notice with the comment, ‘’We have found out that Kurdish workers speaking Kurdish among themselves on the construction site has been banned.’’

One authority from Yapı & Yapı Construction noted he had no information about such a regulation and that no other official was on site to comment.

The construction company yet to deny the allegation.