Teenager killed for ‘speaking Kurdish’ in northwest Turkey

A Kurdish teenager was killed in the country’s northwestern province of Sakarya on Monday following what witnesses have called a racially motivated attack, left-wing newspaper Evrensel reported.

Nineteen-year old Şirin Tosun had suffered severe injuries after being attacked by a group of people for speaking Kurdish on August 23, the newspaper said.

Six men swarmed Tosun, a seasonal worker from the southeastern Diyarbakır province, during a break from picking hazelnuts, saying he had been "too loud’’ during a conversation with a friend.

Initial reports said the attackers were intoxicated and hurled alcohol bottles at the teenagers.

Tosun was beaten and shot in the head twice. His friend managed to run and alert authorities.

The local gendarme found the gun used in the attack in a nearby field and the attackers were detained.