Turkish court lifts governor-imposed ban on LGBT+ events in Ankara

A Turkish court in Ankara on Friday lifted a governor-imposed ban on the LGBT+ events in the capital, ruling that "the public order can be preserved by not imposing a ban but taking the necessary measures," Euronews reported.

In November 2017, the Governorship of Ankara imposed an indefinite ban on the events, citing  "public morality" and "social sensitivity and sensibilities."

The Kaos GL Association, an LGBT+ rights group in Turkey, appealed to a court in Ankara to remove the ban.

Concluding that the ban resulted in the "unconditional, vague and excessive restriction of the basic rights and freedoms," the court overturned the ban on the LGBT+ events in the capital.

The court said that rather than imposing a ban on the events, "the security of the events must be ensured," according to Euronews.