Manchester bomber's father receiving medical treatment in Turkey - Daily Telegraph

The father of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people in a 2017 attack on Britain’s Manchester Arena is receiving medical treatment in Turkey, the Daily Telegraph newspaper said.

Ramadan Abedi was arrested in Libya alongside his youngest son, Hashem, in the wake of the May 22, 2017 attack in which saw his other son, Salman, detonate a shrapnel-loaded bomb at a concert. Nearly 1,000 people were also wounded in the attack.

A London court this month convicted Hashem Abedi of murdering the 22 mostly young people, ruling he was jointly responsible as he had worked together with his brother to collect materials used in the attack after an Ariana Grande concert.

But after his arrest in 2017, Ramadan Abedi, who also belonged to a radical Islamist group and is wanted for questioning by British police, was quietly released without charge by a Libyan militia group before disappearing, the newspaper said.

Citing a Libyan source, it said Ramadan Abedi had been visiting a hospital in Istanbul for unknown reasons.