Several Turkish-backed Syrian rebels killed in Libya's Tripoli, LNA says

Over 70 Syrian fighters, sent by Turkey to support Libya’s U.N. backed government against the forces of General Khalifa Haftar, have been killed in the fighting near Tripoli, Russian news agency Tass said on Tuesday, citing a local news portal.

"The number of killed mercenaries of [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan, who had come from Syria, has reached 71," Tass quoted Ewan Libya as saying, citing military sources.

And, some 50 Syrian rebels have been wounded, it said.

Libya is split between the U.N.-recognised Government of National Accord in Tripoli, and the Tobruk government, led by General Khalifa Haftar, the de facto ruler of eastern Libya and head of the Libyan National Army. Haftar has launched an assault to control Tripoli in April. 

Turkey signed a military deal with the GNA last month, allowing it to deploy troops in the North African country. The LNA is supported by Russia, Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, while Turkey and Qatar back the GNA.

Earlier, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkey has sent 300 Syrian militiamen to fight in Libya, however, Ankara rejected the reports.