Istanbul-based Muslim Brotherhood TV station calls for killing of homosexuals

An Istanbul-based Muslim Brotherhood (Ikwan) affiliated TV channel has called for the killing of homosexuals, left-wing news site Sol reported on Monday.

Watan TV host Hala Samir called for the killing of men engaged in a sexual act, " whether they are active or passive,"citing a saying by Prophet Muhammed.

“If you find men engaged in a sexual act kill the one that is active, as well as the one that is passive…. Just kill both,” Samir said.

Samir also said that lesbianism prohibited under the Islamic law.

“Islamic scholars have said unanimously that lesbianism is prohibited,” Samir said.

The Watan TV host said while there is Islamic consensus on the killing of homosexuals, there were disagreements about the method by which this should take place.

Since the July 2013 ouster of the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi as president of Egypt, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has welcomed exiles from the movement.

A number of Muslim Brotherhood linked media outlets operate out of Turkey.