Apr 15 2019

Teacher dismissed in post-coup purge dies while working at construction site

A former teacher dismissed from his job during the state of emergency following Turkey’s failed 2016 coup died while working at a construction site in southeast Şanlıurfa province, news website T24 reported on Sunday.

Aslan Durman, one of tens of thousands of Turkish citizens forced to work outside their chosen profession to make a living due to government purges, lost his life while working as a joiner when the building he was working on collapsed.

“Our member Aslan Durman, who was unfairly and illegally dismissed from his job by the Decree Law No. 686, died in a construction accident," Turkey’s Educators and Scientists Union (Eğitim-Sen) said in a statement.

Turkey’s government dismissed more than 130,000 public servants during the two-year emergency rule after the July 2016 coup attempt, according to Amnesty International.