Turkey purges 2,766 more civil servants by government decree


Two new state of emergency decrees were published on Turkey’s Official Gazette, dismissing a total number of 2,766 civil servants from various state institutions.

The Decree No. 695 listed the names of 637 military officers, 350 gendarmerie personnel, 392 teachers, 341 imams and other religious officers, and 245 from the Ministry of Justice.

105 academics were also dismissed, alongside with 50 administrative personnel from 25 different universities.

“These personnel were considered to be members of terrorist organisations, or have membership to an organisation deemed to threaten national security” the decree read.

The dismissed civil servants are banned from being employed at any state institution in the future.

Decree No. 695 also shut down 14 civil society organisations, two local newspapers and a private cardiology centre.

The second decree, No. 696, is an omnibus bill with 136 articles, making amendments to various laws.


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