Turkish man collects toys for 60,000 disadvantaged children in southeast

A Turkish man, with the help of numerous inspired social media users, collected and distributed toys to more than 60,000 disadvantaged children in southeastern Turkey, Hürriyet Daily News said.

Ümit Kavak's endowment story started when returned to his home town in south-eastern Şanlıurfa's Ceylanpınar district, which has experienced the effects of the Syrian war and become a safe haven for refugees, according to the daily.

When he shared the images of the children as he was handing out the toys, the photos inspired a large campaign with the Red Crescent, Turkish celebrities and volunteers from Europe jumping on board, Kavak said.

The samaritan said he is motivated by helping children regardless of their nationality.

“Some people ask me if the children are Kurds or Syrians. They tell me that the government is helping them so why should I. No one supporting me can question the ethnicity of a child. I am helping them all: Turkish, Kurdish, Alawite, Syrian or Uzbek,” Hürriyet quoted Kavak as saying.