Turkey weighs buying more S-400 missiles – Russian official

Turkey is considering buying more S-400 missile defence systems, Bloomberg quoted the Russian official in charge of overseeing military cooperation between Russia and foreign countries as saying.

Moscow is also ready to ship Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey, Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation chief Dmitry Shugaev told the Russian Interfax news agency on Saturday.

However, he said Russia would require more defence purchases by Turkey before considering selling it the more advance Su-57 fighters, Turkish news site T24 reported.

Ankara and Washington have been at odds over the S-400 purchase, with U.S. officials arguing that the Russian systems are both incompatible with and pose a security threat to NATO defence systems.

The Pentagon also suspended Turkey’s participation in the F-35 fighter jet manufacturing programme over concerns that S-400 systems could access sensitive data on the aircraft. With the delivery of the 100 F-35 fighters ordered by Turkey halted, defence officials have been mulling alternatives.

Earlier reports in Turkish media said that Turkish and Russian officials had begun discussing the details of the sale of Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's August visit to Moscow, where he examined both Russian Su-35 and Su-57 warplanes at the MAKS 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon.