Turkey’s S-400 missile test failed – report

Turkey failed to successfully test an S-400 missile system purchased from Russia, according to a report in the Russian media.

The test on Friday failed because Turkey refused to employ Russian specialists, news website Avia, which specialises in military affairs, reported.

Videos posted on social media appeared to show the S-400 being fired, but no explosions were observed.

Turkey proceeded with Friday’s test of the S-400, acquired from Russia last year, despite threats of sanctions from the United States, which says the system potentially undermines NATO’s defences. The Turkish authorities have not made any official statement concerning the missile firing.

One expert told Avia that no flight trace of any targets were seen, nor was there any explosion of the missile’s warhead. Furthermore, the missile took a straight path, suggesting no target was engaged, according to the expert.

The S-400 can only be tested against missiles or combat aircraft, not against small drones, the expert said.