Turkey trains 400 Syrians to police Tel Abyad

Turkey is training 400 Syrians to police areas Turkish troops and their Syrian opposition allies captured from Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria, Turkey’s Daily Sabah newspaper reported.

The officers are being trained on police regulations, response to societal unrest, discipline, the disposal of improvised explosive devices and other matters, the Daily Sabah quoted Ihlas News Agency as saying.

They will be deployed in Tel Abyad, a city on Syria’s border with Turkey that Turkey’s armed forces captured in last October’s military operation against organisations that Ankara views as terrorists for their links to Kurdish insurgents in Turkey.

Tel Abyad marks the western end of a 32-km deep Turkish-controlled buffer zone that stretches roughly 115 km to the city of Ras al-Ayn.

It is the third area of northern Syria captured by Turkey, which took control of areas in the Aleppo governorate in a military operation that began in 2016, and captured Afrin, a northwest Syrian district, from Kurdish-led forces in 2018.

Syrians trained by Turkey have been assigned to police both areas.