Turkish State Railways director blocks train accident victim’s mother on Twitter

The director-general of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) has blocked a woman who lost her son in a train accident in July on Twitter after she questioned him on the incident, left-wing Birgün newspaper reported.

Nine-year-old Oğuz Arda Sel and his father Hakan Sel were among the 25 people killed in a train accident on July 8, when most of a passenger train derailed in northwestern Turkey. Hundreds were left injured.

Five of the train’s six cars derailed in a village in Tekirdag province after “the ground between the culvert and the rail collapsed” due to heavy rains, according to the country’s Ministry of Transport.

The Turkish prime ministry issued a temporary media ban on reporting the aftermath of the accident, citing national security and public order.

Oğuz Arda’s mother, Mısra Öz, has been seeking justice for her son, Birgün said, posting questions about the incident to the attention of the railway authorities on Twitter.

TCDD Director-General İsa Apaydın, reportedly frustrated with Öz, blocked her on Twitter, the newspaper said.

“Blocking me and being unable to see me does not cover up this tragedy. The truth is evident. 25 people died! What was it that bothered him,’’ Öz said on Twitter, with screenshot showing Apaydın’s move.

Turkey’s railway has been hit by several fatal accidents over the last years, including an accident in 2008 which killed nine and one in 2004, which killed 41 people.