Rivalry between Turkey, the Gulf behind death of Palestinian in Turkish prison - journalist

The death of a Palestinian man accused of spying for the United Arab Emirates in a Turkish prison this week is not an isolated incident and could be used a trump card against Turkey, Fehim Taştekin, a journalist specialising in the Middle East region, told Ahval.

Zaki Mubarak, one of two men Turkish authorities arrested on April 15 and accused of spying for the UAE, was found hanged from the bathroom door of his cell at Silivri prison when guards came to distribute food on Sunday morning, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

While Turkish news outlets covered the incident as a suicide, Mubarak’s son, Youssef, has requested in investigation into his father’s death, stating that it is impossible for him to believe that his father took his own life.

The killing in Silivri prison was the consequence of the ruthless rivalry between Turkey and the Gulf, states Taştekin said, noting that the two men who had been detained were not ordinary people.

‘‘These are people who have been through the mill. The suicide claim may not be very convincing,’’ he noted.

Turkish officials said the pair had confessed to spying on Arab nationals in Turkey. Turkish media said one of the men was suspected of having connections to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed by Saudi agents in the kingdom’s Istanbul consulate in October.

Taştekin t stressed that there is a group that will not stop pursuing this incident  who have ties to Western media.

‘‘There is at present a serious axis battle between Turkey and the Gulf bloc.Turkey had cornered this rival bloc with the case of murdered Saudi journalist Khashoggi. And now, with the death of the Palestinian, the other side has a trump card in their hands,’’ Taştekin said.

‘‘From here on out, the axis war from Libya to Egypt and Tunisia, from Palestine to Syria and Sudan will heat up. They will not accept Turkey’s suicide narrative. The UAE-Saudi duo will use the torture and murder thesis in all platforms,’’ Taştekin said.