Erdoğan’s media say Jews control America, brought Biden to office

Turkish pro-government media has claimed that the United States is under the control of Jews who used their lobbies and influence over the press to win U.S. President-elect Joe Biden the White House, Middle East analyst Seth J. Frantzman said late on Saturday.

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) constantly adopts such far-right conspiracy theories to maintain authority through its “media machine”, Frantzman wrote in an opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post.

The AKP government has tightened its control over the Turkish media in recent years, which has raised growing international concern about press freedom in the country.

Turkey currently ranks 154th out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index in 2020 by Reporters Without Borders, an international press watchdog which called the country “more authoritarian than ever”.

Frantzman cited a recent article published in Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak that stated Jews had “been using the United States as a guinea pig for almost a century” in order to justify their domination across the world.

Yeni Şafak said Donald Trump, “the great president” of the United States, was removed from the office by “Jewish lords” because he fought to free America from the occupation of Jewish power, according to Frantzman.

Trump has proven a valuable political ally for his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and has maintained a warm relationship in recent years. The U.S. president has failed to endorse calls by Congress to sanction Turkey for its purchase of S-400 air defence missiles from Russia. He has also acted on requests by Erdoğan to obstruct the prosecution of Turkey’s state-run Halkbank for helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions, Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton has said.

“The article at Yeni Şafak would not have been printed without the editors knowing it has support from the highest levels of Turkey,” Frantzman wrote.

These sorts of Jewish conspiracies had been fostered in the past by leaders like Mahathir Mohammed in Malaysia and by Islamist militant group Hamas, Frantzman said. Erdoğan’s Turkey has supported Hamas and is close to far-right groups in Malaysia, the columnist said.

Frantzman said that the growing anti-Semitism finding a place in Turkish mainstream media publications proves that any reconciliation between Turkey and Israel is largely an illusion.

Ankara has recently expressed a willingness for better ties with Israel since reports in November revealed a series of meetings between the countries’ top intelligence officials to discuss reconciliation.