Turkey’s Constitutional Court rejects Pastor Brunson's appeal

Turkey’s Constitutional Court (AYM) has rejected an appeal by U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson against his detention in October 2016 on terrorism charges, local Turkish press reported.

Brunson was held by police for alleged involvement in the July 2016 coup attempt, before being convicted of terrorism charges in October 2018, and immediately released on the basis of time served. He subsequently returned to the United States and a day after met with U.S. President Donald Trump at the Oval Office. Brunson arrived the U.S. a month before the mid term elections. 

In appealing to the AYM, Brunson’s lawyers argued that his arrest by the Turkish law enforcements and judicial control order placing him under house arrest prior to his trial had exceeded reasonable time, and violated his rights to freedom and security.

However, on Thursday the AYM dismissed the case on the basis that it had not been filed within the necessary 30 days of Brunson’s release. ON the other hand, the AYM also said that the detention of Brunson was justified given the severity of the charges against him.