President Erdoğan meets with Venezuelan minister in Istanbul

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met Venezuelan Minister of Industries and National Production Tareck El Aissami in Istanbul yesterday, according to reports in Sabah newspaper.

What they spoke about was not revealed, though it was likely to include the alleged assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Saturday during a military parade. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has called the events “deeply saddening,” and pledged to stand behind Venezuela.

Relations between Turkey and Venezuela have strengthened in recent times, as both countries seek to blame the United States for their economic and social difficulties.

Last month, Maduro attended Erdoğan’s inauguration ceremony in Ankara, where he was sworn in as president, describing him as a “friend of Venezuela and leader of the new multi-polar world.”

Given the plunge in the value of the Turkish lira on Monday, some social media users wondered, tongue-in-cheek, if the Turkish president might be asking for economic advice from the Venezuelan minister, whose country is currently experiencing an economic crisis that has seen the currency collapse.
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