Jul 11 2018

Venuzuela’s President Maduro continues Turkish charm offensive

Venezuelan leader Nicholas Maduro, in Turkey to attend President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s swearing in ceremony, has continued his efforts to woo and charm Turkish leaders by visiting the set of a popular TV historical adventure series, Diriliş: Erteğrul.

The soap opera, set in the 13th Century, revolves around the life of the father of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire. Its glorifying take on Turkish history, with its depictions of military campaigns that pit Turks against Christians, has made the series a huge hit, as it chimes with the popular zeitgeist in Turkey, where politicians often depict the country as locked in a struggle against predominantly Christian foes. Erdoğan is also among the series’ fans.

Photos of Maduro wearing accessories from the Turkish TV series have previously been shared on Twitter by the series' producer.


Maduro’s visit to Turkey coincides with ever-deepening relations between the crisis-stricken South American country and Turkey, which has its own economic frailties. They are united by a mutual distrust of the West and an increasing disengagement with the world order.

During his visit to Turkey, Maduro also paid tribute to Erdoğan in glowing terms, referring to him as “leader of the new multi-polar world” in comments posted on social media. The Turkish president was sworn in on Monday.