Turkish court grants murdered woman restraining order

A court in Turkey’s western Izmir province has issued a restraining order against the ex-husband of a woman, three years after she was murdered by him, daily BirGün reported on Wednesday.

Işık İkizoğlu had filed the complaint against her ex-husband, Yahya Cengiz Küçük, after he violently threatened her in 2016. In the hearing on Wednesday, Küçük pleaded not guilty as he attended the proceedings via video conference from the prison, where he is currently serving a sentence for İkizoğlu’s murder.

The court sentenced Küçük to 18 months in prison for battery instead of granting the restraining order İkizoğlu had originally petitioned for.

On May 15, 2017, after arguing with her ex-husband at a café in Izmir, İkizoğlu had gone to the police. The police sent the woman home when a forensic examiner said there were no signs of battery on her.

The next day, Küçük killed the 32-year-old woman with a hammer, before turning himself in to the authorities. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2018.

“This sentence today is greatly important, because it will be an example for women to be protected with more caution when they file for restraining orders,” the victim’s sister, Başak İkizoğlu, told reporters.

“Losing a loved one caused us deep hurt, but one of my sister’s unfinished affairs was concluded today,” she added.