Hürriyet chief editor lays out manifesto to stop violence against women

After another woman was killed in a high-profile case this week, Hürriyet chief editor Ahmet Hakan laid out a list of conditions he said were necessary to solve Turkey’s violence against women problem, starting with tackling the victim blaming culture in the country.

An escaped convict followed 20-year-old student Ceren Özdemir home and stabbed her to death this week, reigniting long-running public campaigns to address a problem that has claimed hundreds of women’s lives this year.

Hakan said Turkish society should stop creating excuses for murders by questioning why women victims were out alone at night and implying they provoked attacks against them through their appearance and manner of dress.

The media also has a responsibility to follow cases of femicide closely in order to create pressure that will ensure killers are tried and sentenced, he said.

Police must stop trying to reconcile women with family members who threaten them with violence, and society must address and do away with the idea that men have a right to kill women who leave them, he said.

The Hürriyet chief editor added that women killers should be held at high security prisons to prevent their escape and that conservative religious segments of society should stop blaming femicides on the lack of family values.