126K social media accounts under probe - Turkish daily

On Saturday, Turkish paper Haberturk reported that since the failed coup attemp in 2016 July, the Turkish police’s anti-cyber crime department have found 126K social media accounts to be "posting pro-terror comments". Out of 126K accounts, "there are 68K of them" under the suspicion of terror propaganda the paper said, or linked to terror organisations. There are "50K of them for FETO, 17K for PKK and 1K of them for ISIS" paper cited.

On the other hand, prosecutors in Istanbul have launched an extensive investigation over social media posts which may lead to a wave of new arrests, Gazete Duvar reported on Friday. It is possible that both newspapers are citing the same report.

According to the reports, the Turkish police’s anti-cyber crime department has been investigating social media accounts since 2017. Following this investigation, prosecutors have started inquiries about social media accounts who shared posts opposing Turkey’s military offensive in northwest Syria and calling for demonstrations on the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests. 

Ertuğrul Dinseven, a member of an urban solidarity group established in the Acıbadem district of İstanbul during the Gezi protests, was among the names called by the prosecutors to give testimony about his social media posts. The prosecutors referred Dinseven to court, asking for him to be arrested. Gazete Duvar said that the prosecutors may demand the arrest of other names as the investigation proceeds.