Jul 21 2018

2,000-year-old villa unearthed in west Turkey

Archaeologists in Turkey uncovered a 2,000-year-old villa, decorated with mosaic and fresco in the western province of Denizli, Anadolu Agency reported on Saturday. 

The head of the excavation team, Bahadır Duman, said that the 12-room villa, that was discovered in Buldan district of Tripolis Ancient City, was ornamented with mosaic, fresco and geometric figures with botanic images.

“The first construction phase of this villa with mosaic ornamentation starts in the late Hellenistic period. We can say that the first construction phase dates back to 2,000 years,” Duman told Anadolu Agency.

According to Duman, the owner of the villa was a merchant in agriculture and the liquids such as perfume and olive oil were stored in the house indicate that the members of the family living there were also trading those items.