Almost 60 percent of Turkish women cover their heads

Some 58 percent of women in Turkey to cover their heads in public, according to tradition and Islamic practice, Hürriyet newspaper quoted a survey by pollster Ipsos as saying.

Three quarters of those women wear traditional Turkish headscarves, typically worn quite loosely, while the other quarter wears tighter, more Islamic headscarves, the newspaper said. The share of woman wearing headscarves is higher among those aged 36 and over. 

Twenty-five percent of Turkish people believe in spells, and this percentage is higher in Turkey’s secular western cities, at 30 percent. 

Seventy-two percent believe in fate, while 69 percent believe in the evil eye. The percentage of people who believe in the existence of UFOs is 7 percent.

Fifty-four percent of men in Turkey have beards and moustaches, the poll said.