Almost half of Turkish opposition’s parliamentary questions go unanswered in 2020

Thousands of questions asked by opposition deputies in the Turkish parliament have gone unanswered, according to figures announced by the Deputy Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM)

Milliyet newspaper reported that Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, announced response rates to questions submitted by opposition parties to the Presidency of TBMM in 2020. The figures show that 6,606 out of 14,245 questions - 46% - were not answered.

The statistics were released in response to a question from Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Abdurrahman Tutdere. They revealed that 3 out of 808 legislative bills proposed during the period was withdrawn, 760 are still with parliamentary subcommittees, 18 are on the agenda of the TBMM and 27 became law.

According to Milliyet, “1 of the legislative proposals was signed by the AKP, CHP, HDP, MHP and Good Party, 4 by the AKP and MHP, 22 by the AKP deputies. 62 legislative proposals were signed by AKP, 488 CHP, 14 HDP, 75 MHP, 54 Good Party, 1 BBP, 4 SP deputies, while independent deputies submitted 3 legislative proposals.”

Deputy Speaker Bilgiç told the Assembly that of the 14,245 written questions to the government, 2,215 were to the Ministry of Justice, 1,436 to the Ministry of Industry, 1,279 to the Ministry of Interior, 1,143 to the Ministry of Urbanisation, 1,021 to the Ministry of Defence, 819 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 491 to the Ministry of Finance, 430 to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, 418 to the Ministry of Transport, 408 to the Ministry of Education, 301 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other Ministries ranked lower.

Milliyet noted that “The Ministry of Justice did not respond to 1,962 of 2,215 motions, the Ministry of Health 1,345 of 1,436 motions, the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services, 869 of 1,143 motions, and the Ministry of Interior did not respond to 1,279 motions.”

Bilgiç stated that in previous years, letters were sent to the ministries about the status of answering written questions, requesting responses within a reasonable time. These requests do not seem to have been fulfilled.