Sep 14 2018

Anthrax suspicions hit Turkish meat sales

Meat sales in Turkey have decreased significantly following anthrax outbreaks across the country and a 10-percent increase in prices, Sözcü newspaper reported on Friday.

Turkey has been hit by anthrax outbreaks since a Muslim holiday in August, with infected animals found in the biggest city Istanbul, the capital Ankara, as well as in several other provinces. At least 130 people have been hospitalised due to suspicions of anthrax infections.

Consumers have become suspicious about meat safety after anthrax was detected in livestock imported from Brazil.

Fahrettin Ensari, a butcher in Istanbul’s Bakırköy district, told Sözcü: “Not only our red meat sales, but also sales of poultry products have fallen.” 

The economic downturn, with the Turkish lira dropping more than 40 percent against the dollar this year, has also hit sales and meat has become a luxury, Ensari said. 

İlhan Öykenek, a butcher from the Istanbul district of Kadıköy, said sales had fallen by 70 percent and that he had responded by displaying certification showing the origin of the meat.