Concrete poured on Turkish World Heritage site

Concrete has been poured on the archeological site of Göbeklitepe located in the north east of the Sanlıurfa city center in south east Turkey.

The below photos were posted on Instagram by archeologist Çiğdem Köksal Schmidt, the wife of Klaus Schmidt, the former head of the excavations who passed away in 2014. Schmidt was then not permitted to work on the site by the new head of excavations, Müslüm Ercan.

“Does this hurt no-one but me,” asked Köksal Schmidt on Instagram, explaining that concrete was poured on an area named the Temple of the Rock. “They had promised that they would never pour concrete on an archeological site when Klaus was still alive” she added.

Construction work started in Göbeklitepe in 2016, which included the building of two permanent shelters via financial support of the European Union. Köksal Schmidt claims that the site has been left to the construction company and neither archeologists nor any official has been present to oversee construction work. 

Göbeklitepe was discovered in 1963 and excavations on the site began in 1995. The findings have proven that Göbeklitepe was a cultural centre and dates back approximately 12,000 years.