“EP only makes noise,” says Turkey’s semi-official news agency

Anadolu Agency (AA) published an analysis on Saturday on the European Parliament (EP), concluding that the Parliament “only makes noise” by discussing numerous issues and passing motions, yet has no real effect.

Emphasizing that the EP’s decisions are non-binding, the analysis explains that the political ideologies of different groups inside the Parliament determine the contents of the discussions and the decisions. “Ideological efforts of its members mainly serving to their own political agendas and the consequent decisions sometimes conflict with the Union’s key international policies and cause damage,” it claims.

According to AA, the Parliament’s General Assembly gets crowded only during votings, as the salaries of non-attending members are reduced. Moreover, “the parliamentarians, who are generally unaware of the contents of the draft motions or reports are usually guided by group leaders or those who prepared the drafts during plenary votings,” says AA.

AA claims that the EP ‘has an obsession about Turkey” and lists the Parliament’s recent decisions to prove this argument.

“While the EP says nothing about Turkish ministers being prevented to meet Turkish citizens living in EU member countries and to visit Turkish embassies, it cites issues like ‘freedom of expression’, ‘democratic rights”, ‘freedom of assembly’ in its very decision in an effort to give lessons to Turkey”, adds AA.

The EP is once again at the target of the Turkish government, after it approved a joint motion on Thursday calling on Turkish troops to withdraw from Afrin, Syria.

“We will not leave Afrin until we finish our business,” said President Erdoğan on Thursday reacting to the European Parliament before the voting.

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